Automated Structure Defense

Roof Delivery System

When a wildfire encroaches within a programmed distance to the property the EPS system will automatically deploy high pressure water to the roof and under the eaves of a structure to defend against airborne embers. As the fire gets closer, EPS will progress through 5 different danger levels deploying water with more frequency as the danger level increases.

Protects structure from airborne embers

Deploys high pressure water to the roof

Dual opposing nozzles up to 50' radius

Stainless steel riser built to withstand tough conditions

Triple nozzle system provides wind-resistant distribution

Eliminates dry debris on roof or in gutters

304 stainless steel construction housing

Flat roof or pitched roof application

Powder coated to blend in with roof color

Lifetime warranty on roof housing assembly

Eave and Soffit Delivery System

Protects eaves and windows

Flat fan extra wide spray angle

Window heat protection

Clog resistant

303 stainless steel

145 degree spray angle

Deflected 75 degrees

Autonomous perimeter defense

A long lasting, eco-friendly fire retardant is immediately deployed to the perimeter vegetation creating a 50′ wide firebreak to protect the structure from encroaching fire and radiant heat.  The fire retardant perimeter can protect your property for months from a single application.  EPS system includes 3 applications of perimeter fire retardant defense.  Homeowners can be proactive and apply with a touch of a button or allow the EPS system to automatically deploy when the fire is iminent.

Formula approved by the USDA Forest Service

Long-term fire retardant – colorless formula

Auto deployment to the perimeter vegetation

50′ wide firebreak to stop encroaching fire

Keeps radiant heat away from the structure

Pet safe and environment friendly

Protects your property for months

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