Cutting Edge Technology for Wildfire Protection

Ember Protection Services is the industry leader in automated wildfire defense. The EPS wildfire defense system utilizes innovative smart technology and satellite data sources to track wildfires for an individual property 24 hours a day.

Autonomous Activation

The EPS wildfire protection system is 100% autonomous and requires no human action.  Automated activation occurs when a fire encroaches within a set distance to the property or when backup heat sensors trigger an emergency sequence of operations.

U.S. Patent #11247087

How it Works

Why Embers Protection Services?

Have peace of mind during wildfire emergencies

100% autonomous wildfire defense system

Wildfire mapping custom to your individual property

Early warning wildfire detection with danger alerts

Automated EPS wildfire mapping activation

Automated structure and perimeter defense

Constant pressure system adjusts to low water psi



Fire Safe Marin Wildfire Festival


May 20, 2023




Marin Civic Center Fairgrounds



Fire safety demos, landscaping expo, games for kids, live bands, goats, art exhibit, and food trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the EPS system pull water from?

EPS has a constant water pressure system that enables your wildfire defense system to operate by pulling from a municipal water source. EPS also has the ability to use multiple water sources and will automatically switch to a secondary source if the main source has been cut off or depleted, making the EPS wildfire defense the most reliable system available on the market to protect your home during an emergency.

How does the EPS wildfire mapping work?

EPS utilizes innovative technology and multiple satellite data sources to track wildfires for a specific property or homeowner. Autonomous activation occurs when a wildfire encroaches within a predetermined distance of the property and then progresses through five different danger levels as the fire is getting closer.

Do I need to be home to turn the EPS system on?

No, the EPS wildfire defense system is 100% autonomous and does not require anyone to be present at the residence for the system to activate. The system has built-in redundancy as well as automated structure and perimeter defense activation from the EPS wildfire mapping. Heat sensors are installed on the property and they will activate an emergency mode in the event of fire.

What if I have low water pressure?

The EPS constant water pressure system has the ability to maintain constant water pressure even when the demand for water changes. The constant pressure system ensures consistent water deployment throughout the EPS system, even when a hydrant is being used by firefighters nearby.

How will I know if my system is working when I am not at home?

The EPS Portal offers 24/7 real-time wildfire remote monitoring and automated activation of your EPS wildfire defense system. Early warning fire detection alerts are automatically sent out by email or text to the property owner to inform them about fire proximity and assist with quicker evacuations. The EPS Portal displays wildfire mapping specific to your property with danger level zones ranging from low to extreme.

What is Perimeter Defense?

A long-lasting, eco-friendly fire retardant is immediately deployed to the perimeter vegetation, creating a 50 feet wide firebreak to protect the structure from encroaching fire and radiant heat. The perimeter fire retardant can protect your property for months from a single application. EPS system includes multiple applications of perimeter fire retardant defense. Homeowners can be proactive and apply with a touch of a button or allow the EPS system to automatically deploy when the fire is imminent.

How does the Structure Defense work?

When a wildfire encroaches within a programmed distance to the property, the EPS system will automatically deploy high-pressure water to the roof and under the eaves of a structure to defend against airborne embers. As the fire gets closer, EPS will progress through five different danger levels, deploying water with more frequency as the danger level increases.

Will I get an insurance discount if I install an EPS system?

Installing an EPS automated wildfire defense system will drastically reduce your risk from fire and insurance liability. Our team will develop a wildfire mitigation plan for your specific property which can be utilized to secure a better policy rate from a new insurance provider or to receive discounts from an existing carrier. California will become the first state in the nation to require insurance premium discounts for owners of homes and businesses that are made safer from wildfires.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, financing is available. Apply Now.

What services does EPS offer?

Embers Protection Services offers wildfire risk assessments and is dedicated to long-term solutions, including fire hardening the home, creating defensible space, and installing an effective exterior fire protection system. EPS also offers backup power options including standby generators and solar storage.

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