EPS Portal / Fire Mapping

Embers Protection Services (EPS) provides an automated wildfire defense system that protects homes and businesses from wildfires using EPS smart technology. We harness satellite data sources in order to track wildfires near a specific property in real-time for 24 hours a day, even during the most extreme emergency situations, when normal communication services are unreliable.

EPS is 100% autonomous and does not require user interface or human action to activate.

The EPS Portal displays wildfire mapping specific to your property with danger level zones ranging from low to extreme.

Monitor and manage the system from any smart device

24/7 real-time wildfire remote monitoring

Custom property wildfire mapping

Early warning wildfire detection

Autonomous fire mapping system activation

Automated heat sensor activation (backup / failsafe) – Multiple system redundancies make sure that the EPS activates even if technology or communications were to fail. The sensor will automatically activate Emergency Mode

Ongoing Embers Protection Services Team support

Danger level and wildfire proximity alerts

System connectivity, communication, and status alerts

No threat of power loss - backup power kicks in during Public Safety Power Shutoffs

Constant pressure system compensates for the reduction in water pressure that is typical during a fire emergency, eliminating fear and doubt during a state of emergency evacuation. EPS will continue to function properly and protect your home or business, regardless of the local water pressure

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