Home Hardening

Fire Rated Vents

EPS wildfire vents offer a preventative and effective solution to keeping embers out and stopping wildfires from spreading into your home.  They are fire-rated, CAL Fire listed, WUI compliant, and approved for use in very high fire threat zones.  EPS vents are available in custom sizes and have a 20 year guarantee.


Leaf Gutter Guards

Keeping your gutters free of dry debris is an important step in protecting your home from wildfire airborne embers starting an initial fire on your home.  A small amount of dry debris is enough to catch fire and ignite an entire house. By installing stainless steel Micro-Mesh, the EPS gutter guard ensures that your roof’s rain gutters will remain clear of dry debris year-round.

V-Bend Technology

Our V-Bend technology offers superior efficiency in water filtration and self-cleaning capabilities. It also adds rigidity to the mesh, helping it withstand heavier debris without sagging.

Advanced Trough Technology

The latest advancement in gutter guard technology. Provides maximum water filtration while vastly improving overall performance.


This portion of the gutter guard holds the mesh in place and offers superior strength and performance.


The EPS fire defense system utilizes fire-caulking in cracks and openings that would normally allow hot embers to enter your home. We will inspect and then fire-harden the necessary areas around your exterior doors and window frames. Edges of interfacing materials like roofing, metal valleys, chimneys, and roof flashings are optimized by our team for fire prevention.  If you have vaulted roof tiles whose ends are open, thus allowing embers in, EPS will install a fire-resistant material to close the end openings of the roof tile vaults.

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